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PBE Shows  It's Kindness in Support of Holiday Helpers

By Addy Wenzel and Meshai Hall

Over 60 children had a little help to make their holidays a little brighter. Once again Pilot Butte Elementary stepped up to help out 17 PBE families through our Holiday Helpers program.

Holiday Helpers was created years ago by former teacher Mrs. Dorman to assist families during the holiday season. This allows families to have an enjoyable Christmas with things they are in need of such as gifts for the holidays as well as toothpaste.

This year the program was coordinated by Ms. Drane, Mrs. Even and Miss Johnson. “We raise money for this cause by selling suckers here at school during lunches and also doing bake sales at the Home and Holiday Show at the events complex,” said Miss Johnson. “We have people who donate baked goods and then sell them by donation. It is amazing to see how generous people are.”

In addition to the bake sale and sucker sales, PBE also has people who just like to donate money. They just bring money in, or they offer to buy some of the things that we are needing, according to Johnson.  She also said a local mine donates laundry detergent and toothpaste.

“For those of us involved in this project, I know it is a very humbling experience,” said Miss Johnson. “It is humbling to see the needs of the students and their families within our school.It is also humbling to see the outpouring of love and care as people donate money, time, food, and other things to meet the needs of these families.”


Collin Kartchner

Collin Kartchner

  • Ana Kinikini

Media can be a very dangerous thing when it comes to going on apps like Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, and even FaceBook. One of our biggest supporters of this is Collin Kartchner. Colin speaks all over the country.

Last fall, Collin came to the district to talk to us about media safety. One of the many things he talked to us about was how we need to be safe when using our electronics. While there are good ways we can use media, there are also bad ways.

He also talked about how we have addictions toward our screens. One way he said will help us become less addicted is to go through all of our pictures or apps and ask ourselves “Does this make me happy?” If it does, keep it on the electronic, but if it doesn’t then trash it.

He also talked about kids and how they need at least 8 hugs every day for at least 8 seconds each!  This is what we need to do with our electronics. People are too busy focusing on what other people think about them instead of thinking about what they like about themselves. Are we this way to other people? Are we judgemental? Do we think about what we like, or are we too busy thinking about what other people like about us? We all need to show more appreciation for those in our lives. Even if they are someone you don’t like you should always be kind. Build people up not down.

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